ALL PROJECTS with JACOB CONSTRUCTION begin with establishing cost certainty.

Sound financial decisions are based on fact, not subjective opinions. Establishing accurate “cost-to-scope” benchmarks through expert estimating enables our clients to plan their projects confidently. Decisions made during the early design phases, typically commit 80% of the project budget. Developing a strong foundation for the project is critical. Cost development and estimates are provided to our clients at stage-appropriate intervals. We provide: full scope cost modeling, estimating, and value engineering services; independent peer review, utilizing comparative and detailed analyses; rough order of magnitude; conceptual design; schematic design and basis of design (BOD); control and GMP estimates (i.e. 10%,30%, 60%, 90%); issued for construction (IFC); pre-purchase survey; site assessment and benchmarking.

• Validation of the existing project budget, from trade costs to soft costs.
• Cost trending analysis to monitor the progress of the design against the proposed budget.
• Value engineering options, considering design review, detailed analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, cost-benefit analysis/ selection
• Review the advantages of pre-purchasing select items.

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