JACOB CONSTRUCTION visualizes a project as a series of events and milestones, starting with establishing cost certainty.

Before actual construction begins, JACOB can help plan, analyse and establish needs for construction. We inform our clients on what will be needed to make the project functional and financially viable.

Not all projects require preconstruction services, but these services can be extremely valuable on complex or complicated projects. Getting JACOB involved early on in the process will help guide the project along from a constructability lens. JACOB will work with the engineers that identify systems and structural details that need attention. We offer solutions to architects on deigning around existing conditions, which will help save time and money later in construction.


• Develop Master Schedule
• Allocate Project Budget
• Establish Permits/Approvals Process
• Review Voice and Telecommunications
• Review Equipment and Furniture Needs
• Establish Reporting and Accounting Procedures
• Develop Cash Flow Analysis
• Develop Phased Construction Schedule
• Develop Procurement Plan
• Establish Allowances/Contingencies
• Design Development Activities
• Establish General Conditions
• Define Logistics Plan
• Track and Review Permits/Approvals
• Analyze Budget Design Needs
• Review and Revise Cash Flow Analysis
• Update Master Schedule

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